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2017 (Click for more...)

Jacaranda Run (Sunday 22 October)

MG Timeline Display at Brooklyn Mall (24 to 26 February)

20 MGs spanning a timeline of 1934 to 2005 were displayed at Brooklyn Mall, over the weekend of 24th to 26th February 2017. The event involved a large number of members of the MGCC Northern Centre in preparing and displaying their cars, and as guides to the many members of the public who displayed interest in the old cars and MG history. Brooklyn Mall Management kindly hosted a reception for the MG Car Club. The cars on display were as follows:

2016 Awards

The Club awards for the 2016 year were presented by Chairman Stephen Grover at a well-attended pub evening on 17th February 2017:

Victor Ludorum – Gary Chapman
Victrix Ludorum – Hazell Eden
Clubman – Pepi Gaspari
Circuit Racing – Heyns Stead
Regularity Rallying – Steve and Hazell Eden
Cats Eyes – Steve and Hazell Eden
Condition Concours – Gary Chapman MGTF
Best Restoration – Brian Woods MGA
Driving Tests – Pepi Gaspari
BGT – Pepi Gaspari
Magnette – Steve Eden
Mike Ashman – Steve and Hazell Eden

2016 Driving Tests

Organised by Dave Westaway, the 2016 driving tests took place at Silver Oaks on Sunday 20th November. Attended by owners of 12 MGs and 7 Triumphs, the event gave members and spectators from the Silver Oaks shopping centre exciting entertainment. Winner overall was Jaco Vermeulen in his MX5 with Pepi Gaspari in his ZR the runner-up, and winner of the ladies competition was Ashleigh Chapman in her ZR with Anya Prinz in their newly-acquired MGTF second. Gary Chapman who could not resist driving Ashleigh's ZR and showing Annette Craddock how her Midget can perform was third overall in his MGTF.

2016 Showday

The Combined Johannesburg and Northern Centres Showday, organised by the Johannesburg Centre, took place at the Mall of Africa in Midrand on 19th June. The 70 MGs on display attracted a lot of public interest. Winner of the Concours d’Etat was Bob Wilmot’s J2 followed by Gary Chapman’s MGTF. The Tops Only category was won by Dave Goodrum’s MGBGT.

2016 Club Condition Concours

The Club's annual Condition Concours Event took place on Sunday 22nd May 2016. There were 35 MGs in attendance, of which 23 were entered for the competition. They ranged from a 1947 TC to a 2004 MGTF. In a close competition the first three places (points out of 300) were:
  • Gary Chapman - 2003 MGTF - 291 points
  • Brian Woods - 1957 MGA - 289 points
  • Johan Nel - 1951 TD - 288 points, followed by
  • David Goodrum -1966 MGBGT - 273 points

Ralph Clarke

Ralph Clarke passed on Sunday 15 May 2016. Ralph was the National President of the South African Combined MG Car Club Centers. He was very involved in recent years in getting the MMM movement off the ground in South Africa. Ralph was an extraordinary person, MG enthusiast and expert in all matters MG. Most MG enthusiasts will recognize Ralph from the photo of him driving the R Type he so lovingly restored. Those of us that were privileged to partake in MG events with Ralph and his wife Hilda, know him as the soft spoken gentleman with a passion and knowledge for the MG marque that placed him amongst the foremost experts worldwide. Our condolences go to his wife Hilda as well as the family, in particular his son Robin and daughter in law Liesel who are active members of the Northern Centre.

MGs at Kitty Hawk

The Club Run on Sunday 24th April was to the Kitty Hawk airfield. A fun day observing aircraft and socialising over brunch, the run was one of a series of shakedowns in preparation for the Indaba events scheduled to take place there on Saturday 3rd September. Twelve MGs ranging from 1948 to 2005 were present. Click on the images to view larger versions

MG Display at Brooklyn Mall

24 MGs spanning a timeline of 1933 to 2005 were displayed at Brooklyn Mall, a popular shopping and entertainment area to the East of Pretoria, over the weekend of 20th and 21st February 2016. Originated and organized by Trevor Beddy, the event involved a large number of members of the MGCC Northern Centre in preparing and displaying their cars, and as hosts and guides to the many members of the public who displayed interest in the old cars and MG history. We had the marque represented from the MMM cars through to the MG-Rover Generation cars, including some very special cars along the way. The full list of cars on display, with their associated custodians, was as follows:

1. 1933 MG J2 - Stephen Grover
2. 1934 MG K1 - Peter Posniak
3. 1935 MG PA - Pepi Gaspari
4. 1937 MG VA Tourer - Martin te Groen
5. 1949 MG YT - Dave Wheeler & The Lawson Family
6. 1948 MG TC - George Dehlen
7. 1949 MG TC - The Mostert Family
8. 1950 MG TD - Trevor Beddy
9. 1953 MG TF - Gordon Ellis
10. 1957 MG Magnette - Robin Clarke

11. 1957 MGA Coupe - Dave Wheeler
12. 1959 MGA 1600 - Esra Martins
13. 1961 MGA Twin Cam - Frank Netterburg
14. 1965 MGB Tourer - Trevor Beddy
15. 1972 MGB Tourer - The Mostert Family
16. 1980 MGB Tourer - Claus Pille
17. 1972 MGB GT - Steve Eden
18. 1972 MGB GT (Stripped) - Avril & Richard Grover
19. 1980 MGB GT - Stephen Grover
20. 1979 MG Midget - Annette Craddock

21. 1968 MGC GT - The Lawson Family
22. 1974 MGB GT V8 - Gordon Ellis
23. 2003 MG TF 160 - Heather & Gary Chapman
24. 2005 MG ZR 120 - Ashleigh Chapman

A most impressive line-up of MG cars throughout the production run, and a wonderful illustration of the evolution of the brand. Visitors were able to watch audio-visual presentations describing MG history and highlights from Abingdon days up to modern club activities. Those interested in details were able to find them on information sheets prepared by Stephen Grover and printed by Brooklyn Mall on display units next to each vehicle.

Both days were well attended by the public, with much interest being shown in the cars by young and old alike. We were glad to welcome representatives from the Johannesburg Centre who came through to see the show which their northerly neighbours had put on.

Annual Awards Event 2016

The Northern Centre's awards for the 2015 year were presented at the Clubhouse on 12 February 2016:

Victor Ludorum - Gary Chapman
Victrix Ludorum - Heather Chapman
Clubman - Claus Pille
Magnette - Claus Pille
Circuit Racing/ Track - Robin Clarke
BGT - Geoff Cunnington
Club Condition Concours - Julian Pringle
Driving Tests - Gary Chapman
Speed Event - Gary Chapman
Cats Eyes - Gary Chapman
Mike Ashman Trophy – Jay Westaway

Driving Tests at Kitty Hawk 2015

Dave Westaway organised the Northern Centre's annual driving tests on 22 November 2015, this time at the Kitty Hawk airfield. This will be the venue for the 2016 MG Indaba being organised by Northern Centre. Participants this year included members of the Pretoria Triumph Sports Car Club. The event comprised three challenges, which were as much a test of strategy and memory as of driving skills.

Jacaranda Run 2015

This year's Jacaranda run took place on Sunday October 25, organised by Claus Pille. Pretoria is well known for the Springtime profusion of Jacaranda blooms set off by colourful Bougainvilleas. Though neither is indigenous (both are from South America) and botanists want them eradicated, they make up an important part of the image and folklore of Pretoria. The best time for seeing the Jacarandas in bloom is unpredictable, depending on the spring weather, and this year we saw the Jacarandas two weeks after their best. Despite this the run attracted 35 classic MGs, Triumphs, and Morris Minors from the Johannesburg and Northern Centres of the MG Car Club, the Pretoria Triumph Sports Car Club, and the Morris Minor Owners Club. Claus' well-prepared route schedule took participants from the Union Buildings, though Pretoria suburbs, ending with the perennial favourite, the White Jacarandas in Herbert Baker Street. Most cars completed the route, although some were sidetracked to a pub in Eastwood Street, and some took shortcuts to the pub at the Clubhouse. The event ended with a braai at the Clubhouse.

Annual Gauteng Centres Showday

Showday this year was organized by the Northern Centre and was held at the Kitty Hawk airfield East of Pretoria on Sunday 28th June. The owners of 63 MGs from Johannesburg and Northern Centres braved the cold front and enjoyed the day watching light aircraft movements and the MG events. Also enjoyed was the catering in the warmth of the cosy Kitty Hawk Clubhouse. Nine MGs were entered for Tops only judging, and two for Concours d’Etat. First place in the Tops Only went to Ashleigh Chapman’s MGZR, and first in the Concours d’Etat went to Gary Chapman’s MG TF with Trevor Beddy’s MGB first in Gold Class. Trevor Beddy’s MGB won the award for the Car of the Day. The traditional Concours d’Elegance and Concours d’Comique were revived, with the Chapman family immaculate in red white and blue winning the Elegance, and the Putter family scrap over the missing engine winning the Comique. The day ended with Pepi Gaspari as a lost Italian airman who ended up staying on in South Africa - and is now chairing the 2016 Indaba Committee, for which the day's event was a trial run.

Peter Noeth

Peter Noeth, a founder of the Northern Centre of the MG Car Club, passed away on 13th April 2015. He had been Chairman of the Club seven times, had won all of the awards offered by the Club, and was elected an Honorary Member in 2012. He will be remembered as an MG enthusiast and a Gentleman. Photos are of Peter at the Concours d'Elegance event at the 2002 Showday, preparing for the Concours d'Etat event at the 2006 Indaba, the convoy to the Brooklyn Methodist Church led by his daughter Lynne, and cars outside the church on 18th April. All of the photos show his car, an MGB GT which he called "Grey Lady"

POMC British Car Day

The Pretoria Old Motor Club's annual gathering of British classics took place at its clubhouse on Sunday 12th April 2015. At mid-morning there were 17 MGs of the MG Car Club's Northern Centre on display - from a PA, MGAs, MGBs, a Midget, to MG TFs. Also well represented were the Pretoria Triumph Sports Car Club with 15 Triumphs. In addition to looking at a variety of interesting cars, it was a day for members to socialise beneath the trees.

2015 Club Condition Concours

Northern Centre’s Club Condition Concours took place on Sunday 22nd March 2015. It is one of the events which count towards the Club’s annual Victor and Victrix Laudorum Trophies.

A good turnout of members in 22 MGs watched the judges assessing eleven MGs for “Tops Only” condition and cleanliness. It was a day of socializing ending in a braai. The highest points (out of 300) for the cars which were entered for judging went to:
  • 1. Julian Pringle, MGBGT V8, 282
  • 2. Gary Chapman, MGTF, 274
  • 3. Trevor Beddy, MGB, 262 Seen in the photo are winner Julian Pringle who had driven from Mafikeng for the event, and co-organisers Jay and Dave Westaway.

1934 MG PA On the Road Again

Pepi Gaspari's 1934 PA has been brought back to life. The car was re-introduced to club members at a pub evening on 13th March. Shown at the unveiling are Pepi and the enthusiasts who assisted him. Click on the photos for larger images

Pepi together with Stephen Grover took the car to Franshhoek to participate in the MMM Register gathering from 19th to 22nd March 2015. Some twenty MMM cars were at the gathering which centered around the Franschhoek Motor Museum. The cars took part in runs around Franschhoek including the Hugenot Memorial.

Sunday Runs 2015

The first Run of 2015 was via Rayton and Cullinan to the Imagine Café on Bronkhorstspruit Dam on 25 January.

Twelve MGs participated in the second Sunday Run on 22 February, with special interest being Esra Martins' TC and Bob and Tanya Baylis' TD. Also organised by Claus Pille, the route followed lesser roads in the Magaliesberg Meander area, through the little town of Magaliesburg to Brauhaus Am Dam near Rustenburg.

Events of 2014

Other events of 2014 included a visit to the National Museum of Military History in Johannesburg organized by Trevor Beddy, a visit to Fort Klapperkop organized by Pepi Gaspari, the unveiling of Trevor Beddy’s TD restored with the help of Dave Wheeler, Club Day at Kyalami, Petit Tiger Moth Fly In, the wedding of Chairman-to-be Stephen Grover to Bronwyn, and a children’s Christmas party organized by Claus Pille with Dave Westaway as Santa and Trevor Beddy as Elf.

2014 Combined Johannesburg and Northern Centres Showday

The combined Johannesburg and Northern Centres Showday this year was held at Brightwater Commons at the Randburg Waterfront on Sunday 8th June. Over 80 MGs were on display ranging from a 1930s K1 to modern MGTFs and ZRs. An innovation this year was that instead of Concours d'Etat judging by specialists, all MGs on display were judged as Tops Only by peer participants exhibiting the same class of vehicle. Five Northern Centre members were among those taking the top places. The full results were:

MG Other (Prewar & Y) Tom Kirkland YA Peter Posniak K1 - Best of Show
MGT 1st George Dehlen TC 2nd Pierre van Hel TC 3rd Judie Schweitzer TF
MGA 1st Neville Conchar 2nd Vic de Kok 3rd Steven Grover
MGB 1st Greg Vercellotti 2nd Victor MacKenzie 3rd Ashley Burger
Moderns – (MGF & MGTF) 1st Gary Chapman 2nd Dirk Putter 3rd Carol Dixon

Peter Posniak's K1 was voted the best car of the show. Greg Vercellotti won the Concours d'Elegance.

Annual Club Condition Concours

After two postponements because of prolonged rains, the Northern Centre’s 2014 Condition Concours took place at the Clubhouse on Sunday 30th March. This time the rain held off for the duration of the judging, but participants and their cars were drenched by a downpour on their way home. Twenty-eight MGs were at the Clubhouse, and seven were entered for the Tops-Only judging. The top three places (points out of a maximum of 300) were:
  • 1st Trevor Beddy, 1965 MGB Roadster, 282 points
  • 2nd Julian Pringle, 1955 MG TF, 270 points
  • 3rd John Geekie, 1971 MGB Roadster, 265 points The Chief Judge Jay Westaway was assisted by a team of members.

Driving Tests

Driving tests organised by Dave Westaway with assistance from Jay and Rosa Westaway were held at the Rallystar Driving Fields near Bapsfontein on Sunday 17th November 2013. Photos of some of the drivers and cars that participated follow. Please click on the images to see larger versions.

Jennifer Bradley, MGBGT Steve Eden, MGBGT Stephen Grover, MGBGT

Des Oliver, MGB Jay and Dave Westaway, MGB William Kelly, MGC

Kevin and Jenny Loader, MG Midget Bill Flynn, TR2 Bill Sales, Mini

The results of the event were as follows:

Class A Men 1st: Kevin Loader MGCC JHB MG Midget
2nd: Dave Holt MGCC JHB MGB
3rd: Bill Sales PTSCC Mini
4th: Bill Flynn PTSCC TR3
Class B Men 1st: William Kelly MGCC JHB MGC
Class C Men 1st: Dave Westaway MGCC NC Toyota
Class D Men 1st: Alan Uzzell MGCC NC Subaru
Class A Ladies 1st: Heather Holt MGCC JHB MGB
2nd:  Jenny Loader MGCC JHB MG Midget
3nd: Jennifer Bradley MGCC NC MGBGT
Class C Ladies 1st: Rosa Westaway MGCC NC Toyota
Autocross 1st: William Kelly MGCC JHB MGC
2nd: Dave Holt MGCC JHB MGB
3rd: Heather Holt MGCC JHB MGB
4th: Dave Westaway MGCC NC Toyota

Magalies Gliding Club

Fifteen MGCC members participated in the run on Saturday 2nd November to the Magalies Gliding Club at Orient Airfield near Magaliesburg, which was organised by Jennifer Bradley - a member of both MGCC and MGC.

The route which Jennifer planned took the convoy of MGs through attractive side roads and (literally) a thousand cyclists on their Saturday morning run.

After a full breakfast generously provided by the Gliding Club, members spent the day watching gliders, motorised gliders, and light aircraft, taking off, circling on thermals, performing aerobatics, landing, and generally learning about the fun the gliding provides.

A highlight of the day for nine of us was being flown in a motorised glider up and down the Hekpoort Valley, to Hartebeespoort Dam, and along the Magaliesberg ridge.

Click on the images to see larger versions

Another highlight was watching a race
along the parallel landing strips
between a Tiger Moth and a Lotus Elan
- the two in matching yellow colours.
The Lotus won.

Jacaranda Run 2013

This year's Jacaranda run took place on Sunday October 20, organised by Dave Westaway. The weather was not kind - the first rains after a long dry winter fell over the weekend and limited the number of MGs participating to 12. An excellently-prepared route schedule with interesting accompanying facts made the run enjoyable - starting at the Union Buildings, passing the White Jacarandas in Herbert Baker Street, and ending at the Clubhouse, where more members who had not been brave enough to face the drenching rainy drive were warming their spirits with toddys. Click to see larger images:

2013 MG Combined Johannesburg and Northern Centres Showday

Showday this year was organized by the Northern Centre. The event took place at the National Botanical Gardens in Brummeria, and attracted over 100 MGs. Interest was shown by many members of the public who had come to view the gardens or to picnic. The competition comprised three events – the Tops Only and the Concours d’Etat judged by officials from Johannesburg and Northern Centres, and the vote for car of the day judged by members. The results were:

Tops Only Event

  • Rolf Schweizer, TF 1954, 278 Points, First Place
  • Margaret Hain, MGF 2001, 278 points, Second Place
  • Randall Everson, TD 1952, 276 Points, Third Place

Concours d’Etat Event

  • George Dehlen,TC 1948, 986 Points, Gold Award
  • Trevor Beddy, MGB 1966, 909 Points, Gold Award

Car of the Day (Popular Vote)

  • George Dehlen, TC 1948

2013 Club Condition Concours

This year’s Condition Concours of the Northern Centre took place at its clubhouse in Pretoria on Sunday 28 April 2013. It was the best-attended event for years. At the Clubhouse were 52 members of the Northern Centre, with 35 MGs, four Triumphs, an Austin-Healey and fifteen other makes. Twenty MGs were entered to be judged, ranging from a 1937 VA to a 2005 ZR.

The images show the general scene at the Clubhouse, the conference of judges, one of the social tables, and a crowd of enthusiasts looking at Greg Tuck’s converted MGB V8 which aroused great interest. Click on the images

The first three places overall and their points (out of 300) were:

George Dehlen – MG TC – 288
Peter Struthers – MGB – 276
Jeremy Salter – MGB GT – 275

MGs at Kitty Hawk

On 17th March (St Patrick's Day) MGCC members visited the Kitty Hawk Airfield to the East of Pretoria. The thirteen MGs and a Jaguar XK150 served as foreground to the variety of aircraft, helicopters, and an auto-gyro taking off and performing aerobatics. Of special interest was a classic Antonov AN-2 biplane. Click on the images

Annual Awards Event 2013

The Northern Centre's awards for the 2012 year were presented at La Vie Lente on 17th February 2013. The awards were presented by Mrs Wendy Kelly. The recipients of awards were:

Victor Ludorum - Steve Eden
Victrix Ludorum - Magriet Nel
Clubman - Ivan de Clerk
Magnette - Hazell Eden
Best Restoration - Martin te Groen (VA)
Circuit Racing/ Track - Heyns Stead
Regularity Rally - Stephen Grover
BGT - Esra Martins
Club Condition Concours - Johan Nel (TD)
Driving Tests - Steve Eden
Cats Eyes - Nick Wood
Polana Rally - Esra Martins
Mike Ashman Trophy – Trevor Beddy

The Mike Ashman Trophy donated by Norman and Pat Ewing is awarded at the discretion of the Chairman to a member showing exceptional enthusiasm and dedication to the Club. Here Trevor Beddy is presented with the 2012 award by Mrs Wendy Kelly.

MGs in Zwartkops Races

Several MGs took part in the international races at Zwartkops on 27th and 28th January 2012. The image below is of Nick Parrot in his MGA swinging wide at the ZOC Clubhouse Bend. For more see

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