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Great Train Race (Sunday 26 November)


Jacaranda Run (Sunday 22 October)




Our Own Race-car Driver


MG Timeline Display at Brooklyn Mall (24 to 26 February)

20 MGs spanning a timeline of 1934 to 2005 were displayed at Brooklyn Mall, over the weekend of 24th to 26th February 2017. The event involved a large number of members of the MGCC Northern Centre in preparing and displaying their cars, and as guides to the many members of the public who displayed interest in the old cars and MG history. Brooklyn Mall Management kindly hosted a reception for the MG Car Club. The cars on display were as follows:

K1 - Peter Posniak
YT - Dave Wheeler
TD - Trevor Beddy
TF - Albert Spangenberg
MGA - Steve Eden
MGA Coupe - Dave Wheeler
MG Midget Mk III - Annette Craddock
MG Midget racecar - William Kelly
MGZR - Ashleigh Chapman
MGTF - Dirk Putter
MGBGT - Jeremy Salter
MGB V8 - Gary Chapman
MGB - Paul Spencer
MGBGT - David Goodrum
MGC - Brendan Lawson
MG RV8 - Graham Brown
ZB Magnette - Marelize Mostert
ZB Magnette racecar - Robin Clarke
Y unrestored - Richard Grover
Y restored - Richard Grover