The MG Car Club was established in 1930 and the headquarters of the "mother" club are in Abingdon, England, on the site of the original MG factory.

The Club has a total membership exceeding 10000 spread amongst some 75 "centres" in many different countries and regions throughout the world. Each Centre is an autonomous club with its own constitution and management committee, but each centre is also affiliated to the "Mother" Club.

The MG Car Club in South Africa

In South Africa there are seven MGCC Centres with a combined membership of around 1200 owning at least 2500 MG sport and saloon cars dating back to the early 1930s and up to the current models. Two are in Gauteng - the Northern Centre and the Johannesburg Centre. Other Centres are Border, Cape Town, KwaZulu-Natal, Port Elizabeth and South Cape.

A co-ordinating body known as the MGCC Combined Southern African Centres (MGCCSAC) was formed in the early 1970s to promote unity of purpose amongst the local centres in futhering the aims of the MGCC and liasing with the Mother Club.

MG "Indabas"

Under the auspices of MGCCSAC a gathering of the seven SA Centres, known as a National Indaba, is organised every two years by each of the Centres in rotation.

The next Indaba will be organised by the KwaZulu-Natal Centre and will take place in and around the ATKV Drakensville Resort from 3 to 6 May 2018. For the latest information about this coming event, click on Ukhahlamba Indaba

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